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Smart and Intelligent LED Lighting

LED Futures LTD are proud to offer businesses across all sectors a commercial wireless lighting control system that is designed for simplicity and able to significantly save time, money and resources.

Our SMART/Intelligent Wireless LED Lighting Control solutions simplifies operational control, and enables business users to significantly lower electricity consumption by up to 95% delivering excellent energy efficiencies and sustainable benefits.

Our belief is to provide a value added commercial LED lighting control system that is simple in design and use and provides operational benefits that include:

Wireless occupancy controls.

Wireless Daylight Savings controls.

Wireless Communication to each LED to determine Lux Levels.

SMART/Wireless testing and reporting of Emergency Lighting.


Our SMART/Intelligent Wireless LED Lighting Controls Solution is designed with simplicity in mind and requires no wiring making is versatile, simple and easy to install.

As the end user, you’ll be able to receive key energy consumption information and control all LED Luminaires from the touch of a button on a Desktop or Tablet Mobile Device that we will supply.


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