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Saving up to 90% on your LED Lighting Costs

Discover how LED Futures can provide giant LED Lighting savings

We’ve continued to support the needs of our customers by completing their free on site LED Surveys or providing them with the online and digital proposals they need to review the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting from us.

A wealth of requests to upgrade  to LED Lighting have been received from small, medium, and large commercial and industrial customers who want to replace inefficient Sodium of Halide Low bay/High Bay Lighting. We identified the reason for wanting to upgrades was due to the high operating costs, and dated/dull lighting levels being delivered. Upgrading to our LED lighting solutions would not only improve lighting levels to those recommended by CIBSE, but would also reduce electricity consumption and make financial savings by up to 90%.

So we thought it would be a good idea go give a relative example in this post showing the operating costs and savings to be made by upgrading from Halide or Sodium Low Bay/ high Bay to our LED Low Bay / LED High Bay Products:

Existing Sodium Low Bay/High Bay                LED Futures LED Low Bay/High Bay

Annual Electricity Use:                                    27,418 kWh                                                                5,760 kWh

Annual Lighting Costs:                                    £3,560.00                                                                   £749.00

Annual CCL Cost:                                              £156.00                                                                       £33.00

Total Lighting Costs:                                       £3,716.00                                                                     £782.00

In our proposal, we objectively identified Annual Financial Savings of £2,934.00 for our customer, and overall savings of 80% on this particular project. An impressive ROI of 17 months was also achieved which highlighted significant benefits over the longer term.

If you are considering upgrading your lighting to LED then we’d love to hear from you to see how we can help. All you need to do is email us at to let us know how we can help or to arrange your Free LED Survey.




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