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External LED Streetlight

When upgrading your existing streetlights to LED its essential that you consider performance criteria, lighting uniformity and light/lux levels. As LED lighting is a directional light source compared to traditional luminaires, we’ve made it easy for you to select the right LED luminaire for your upgrades.

Our LED Streetlight range offers modern and versatile LED streetlighting solutions to enable you to re-light your roads, walkways, pedestrian areas, car parks and various other applications whilst reducing electricity consumption.

Having well illuminated external areas that have low-to-medium traffic as well as urban applications is essential for safety and security, and all of our LED Streetlight luminaires promote the outward spreading of light with reduced light pollution.

The continued advancements in our LED Streetlight Luminaires promote improvements in design, light distribution, and efficiency ensuring optimal lighting provision suitable for your chosen application.


Carbon Savings

Up to 90%

Electricity Savings

Up to 90%

Financial Savings

Up to 90%

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