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600×600 LED Panel Fitting

When identifying this product we were conscious of the volume of 600×600 LED panels easily available on the market. Through our research we often found that once customers purchased a 600×600 LED panel solution and had it installed,  problems were encountered with rapid lumen decay and high failure rates.

Therefore we opted to develop our 600×600 LED panel solutions so that they deliver superior and sustained lighting quality and uniformity. Our range of LED panels are low glare. This makes them ideal for supply and installation in hospitals, schools, offices and all other relevant commercial and industrial environments where an excellent lighting quality is required.

As this is a modular LED panel fitting, it will fit easily and directly into most conventional suspended ceilings. As part of our value offering , this LED panel solution can also be surface mounted with the mounting kits we can provide.



Up to 70%


Up to 70%


Up to 70%

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