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Aluminium IP 65 LED Batten Light Fitting

Our IP65 LED Batten solutions offer high efficiency with an elegant aluminium design. Lighting uniformity and distribution is superior to many other LED Batten solutions on the market with our lumen package of 130 lumens per watt.

Again, we’ve kept the design simple and manufactured using high and quality Driver and LED Chip components to deliver a truly sustainable LED lighting upgrade. We’re also proud to deliver a range optional extras to include Microwave Sensors and automated dimming to really help you to drive forward with added value electricity and financial savings.

As this is an aluminium LED lighting product it delivers the ability to work in cooler ambient temperatures, and can dissipate heat effectively as required. Fitting is also extremely easy with push/click or suspension fitting styles. making it a dynamic LED product suitable for a wide range of environments.



Up to 70%


Up to 70%


Up to 70%

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