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No Upfront Costs For Your LED Lighting Project.

We believe in making it as easy as possible for you to complete your LED lighting ugprades.

Presently we’ve learned how frustrating it’s been for businesses not to progress with their LED lighting upgrades at this current time. The significant benefits to commercial and industrial businesses (whether it be lighting improvement or energy efficiency by upgrading to LED lighting) are sustainable taking the long term into consideration.

This made us think about how we can help businesses to get back on track in the most efficient way as during this difficult climate.

So after careful consideration we will now work with all businesses in the following way so that they can successfully move forward with their LED lighting upgrade project:

1. We will enable your LED lighting project to be supplied and installed with no upfront costs.

2. We will provide a 30% Financial contribution towards the supply and installation costs of your LED lighting project.

3. We will discount the cost of your LED lighting project so that you will benefit from a shorter ROI period.

4. We will provide a 5 Year Guarantee and 5 Year On Site Installation Warranty when you complete your LED lighting project         with us.

Helping businesses is our number one priority. So if you’d like more details on how to move your LED lighting upgrades forward so save money and reduce electricity consumption in the long term then please contact us by email at or by telephone.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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