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Keeping the Lights on – COVID-19

Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

As we’re  all impacted during the current challenging environment, we want to ensure that we are supporting businesses as much as possible.

With the requirement for social distancing and government guidance on working, we are compassionate about the impacts that this has had to many businesses.

Therefore, we’ve remained fully available in the Digital and Online space to support the needs of existing customers and potential customers that want to progress with LED lighting upgrades.

So here’s what we’ll do for you:

1. Complete your Free of Charge LED Survey on a date and time convenient to you. With less building occupancy this also as reduced risks completing your survey during this time.

2. We will be offering discounted rates on the supply and installation of our LED lighting solutions. So if you’ve already had a proposal from us but have been unable to proceed due to the current climate, let us know so that we can apply the relevant discount to your proposal

3. We will extend our peace of mind 5- Year Guarantee to now include a 12-Month on site Labour Warranty.

4. Provide you with a 30% Financial Contribution where possible to supply and install your LED project further to LED survey and proposal review.

5. Enable you to progress with your LED lighting upgrade project with minimal up front costs enabling you to pay for the project over an extended period of time or month by month.

It’s important for us to help you to keep the lights on in your business in the most cost effective way to enable you to remain open and operate in a sustainable way moving forward.

Please feel free to contact me personally by email to or by phone on 07500 015010.

Tyrone Garrick, Managing Director, LED Futures LTD



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