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LED Lighting Finance


Funding your new LED lighting upgrade has never been easier.

We believe in making thing easy for your business to upgrade to LED lighting from us, and our range of solutions and services will always put your best interests first.

You can now fund your LED lighting upgrade with us from the monthly financial savings we identify for you in your LED lighting proposal.

Our LED Lighting Financing option means you can progress your LED upgrades with No CapEX, no upfront costs, and you can pay for your upgrades with easy instalments over the agreed length of plan further to your application and review.



There are so many benefits to your business should you choose to progress with your LED lighting upgrades with us in this way and they include:

– No Upfront Payments to start the project.

– Tax Advantages – all payments are 100% Tax deductible.

– Flexible repayment terms.

– Contributing towards Government initiatives for a low carbon green economy.



Upgrading to our LED lighting solutions will help your business to become energy efficient and sustainable whilst saving £1000s every year.

We’re confident in our ability to help your business to make up to 95% electricity and financial savings every year, and keen to work with you.

To arrange your Free LED Lighting Survey and to start your LED Lighting upgrades with us please contact us by phone on 0800 452 0700 or by email to We’re here to help you pay for your LED upgrades from the savings you make.

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